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Nerd-Lexicon for people not being Nerds: Words and Phrases from several specialized topics explained for people not knowing that context. About the lexicon: About the lexicon.
Nerd-Lexicon for people not being Nerds
About this lexicon -

This lexicon tries to explain. In nowadays world everybody has to handle a lot of words from very specific topics (especially computer phrases) - and it's hard to get explanations for them if you are not a specialist.

This lexicon is for non-specialists. I try to explain the complicated topics as simple as possible - knowing that a lot of facts are missing. So it's not a technical encyclopedia! The use of Wikipedia is much better for that purpose.

So the idea is to create a feeling for these words: What is it about, in which context it can be found e.g. - I would feel good if somebody who read this lexicon lateron reads one of these words and thinks: Ah, IP adresses - that has something to do with phone books or adresses, but concerning the internet and computer...

This lexicon is intended to create comprehension. Furthermore it's written by a half-nerd, so there is not only intended inaccuracy, but for sure also wrong facts. But I'm willing to correct - so if you found mistakes, if you miss an article or have any ideas or remarks: Please contact me!

Now have fun reading!